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French made range of electronic pruning and vine tying gear, designed primarily for vineyard use, have been also used in orchards and other horticulture industries.

Tying by hand is an extremely arduous task. The Ap25 is ideal for vineyard tying but also for other types of agriculture, fruit trees, climbing vegetables etc. This tool can double , or even triple the operators productivity, producing 20 to 30 tie bands per minute, The operator holds the gun in one hand while shaping the product in the other. Can be used left and right handed.
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16 hours of work time from a single charge, low weight 1.1kg lithium ion battery, smaller and lighter than the p2000 it replaces, power increase of 30%, speed increase of 30%. the lixion has been fully redesigned with the operator in mind, full body harness and moulded hand piece makes the machine a dream to use.
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Olivium is the first ever electronic handtool designed exclusively for olive harvesting, with the olivium you take good care of both the tree and its fruit, Olivium offers you the efficiency and productivity of a professional tool tailored to your production methods. On average you can harvest 600kg of olives with one machine per day
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